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sermon series - Victory in jesus

Deep within the human creature there lies a strange, insatiable desire. Some call it satisfaction, others shalom, others joy. What is it that the human heart so desperately wants? In a word—to win. We want victory.

Sports. Politics. Business. Career. Relationships—it’s all the same. We cheer and try, because we want to win. All is not right in the world, yet somehow, with each small victory, things feel better, at least for the moment.

Yet no earthly victory lasts and defeat quickly follows. Every empire, every nation, every team, everyone loses, and we are left longing. Longing for that day when all will be made well. Is it possible? Is it even possible to ever get to the point of complete and total victory?

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December 31, 2017

Abiding in the Vine

Speaker: Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture:  John 15: 1-17 and Psalm 1

Due to technical difficulties, audio and video are not available.


December 24, 2017

Mr. WasWithBecame

Speaker: Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture:  John 1:1-4 and John 1:14



December 17, 2017

More Than Conquerors

Speaker: David J. Jebaratnam

Scripture:  Romans 8:37


December 10, 2017

Small Town, Big God

Speaker: Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture:  Micah 5:1-4


December 3, 2017

Comfort, Comfort
My People

Speaker: Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture:  Isaiah 40:1-5; 9:1-7