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Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell presents several teaching seminars each year to encourage and equip you as a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you were not able to attend a previous seminar, please view the various topics and links below.

The director's cut - FALL 2019

Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell

What’s one of the first things you do after watching a movie at home?  For some, it’s searching through the extended version or Director’s Cut. What was left out? What did I miss? What are they not telling me? What’s the inside scoop? For those who want to know and grow, there’s always more. Pastor Jeremy leads us through “The Director’s Cut” - deleted scenes and insights from the book of Ruth. These sessions will dive deeper into the text, ask challenging questions, and wrestle with the answers. Want to go deeper?

Watch the Teaching Seminar sessions below:

PART 1The book of Ruth

PART 2The book of Ruth

PART 3The book of Ruth

END TIMES - Fall 2018

Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell

Are we living in End Times? What will happen next? How will things go down and how long will it be before Jesus makes everything right?

These questions frequently come up. The Bible provides some information on future things (“Eschatology”) but good Christians interpret those passages differently. What does the Bible say? What are the most common interpretations (views)? What does our denomination teach? How will things play out?

Pastor Jeremy leads us through two major views of the End Times.

living by the spirit - SPRING 2018

Living by the Spirit: An In-depth Journey through Romans 8:1-11. Perhaps one of the most significant chapters in the entire Bible is Romans Chapter 8. It comforts, motivates, empowers, and assures us of our salvation from sin and victory in Jesus. But more than a mere stamp of approval without any direction, Romans 8 also provides a clear road map for living in our new state. For those of us who have received righteousness through Jesus, we can now live victoriously through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell takes us through an in-depth study and deeper-dive into Romans 8:1-11 “Living by the Power of the Spirit.”

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

in the meantime


Co-led by Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell and Dan Hickman, Worship Arts Chair


Worship – What is it? Why do we do it? Why does it matter to the church, the individual, and the eternal purposes of God? If I can worship on my own, then why does corporate worship matter? How does corporate worship differ from individual worship? What biblical purpose of corporate worship do we often forget? And ultimately, what does the Bible say about this all-important subject?


Part 1


Part 2


The Mind, Emotion and EQ

The human being is a complex and holistic creature. Woven inextricably into our fabric is both the material and immaterial aspects of our being. Sometimes, material needs are easier to identify and address.

For example, when my body feels tired, I need to sleep. When my stomach growls, I need food. When something hurts, I need____. But what does my soul need? My heart? My mind? How does that work? Very few of us know.

Yet like our bodies, this immaterial part of us affects every aspect of our lives. Please watch this very important seminar as we explore the unseen side of humanity and seek answers to valuable questions like...How are we wired? How does the immaterial aspect of my being, my “heart,” thoughts and feelings impact, yeah control, the rest of me? How can I influence them for good? What is my role? What does God say? What does the Bible say?

SESSION 2, part 2

the mind, emotion
and eq

The Weight of Glory - Lewis Seminar 1

Who was C.S. Lewis? War hero, Children’s Author, Oxford Don, Apologist, beer-drinking, pipe-smoking, British author. What does he have to teach us about God and ourselves? This class will provide an introduction to C.S. Lewis that should pave the way for many studies to come. It will also take a deeper dive into one of his works, “The Weight of Glory” by tying it back to the heartbeat of Christ. What was the first thing on Jesus’ lips when he prayed (John 17:1; Matt 6:9)? How did Christ feel this weight? How did Lewis feel it? How should we? View Sessions 1 Part 1, Session 1 Part 2 and Session 2.

SESSION 1, Part 1

who was C.S. Lewis?

SESSION 1, part 2

who was c.s. lewis?


The weight of glory

evangelism 101 -

how to share your faith

I know that the Bible tells me that I should share my faith but how? Is there a right way? Is there a wrong way? Is personal testimony always the best? Is there a memorable and easy method that works best? How can I go into an evangelistic encounter feeling confident and come away from it feeling encouraged that I did well? How do I know if it’s been a success? In addition to providing the building blocks for sharing your faith, this seminar will also provide practical and meaningful “How to’s.” View Sessions 1, 2 and 3 below.


application tools

Fall 2016

Most cults and religions practice some form of initiation rite or ritual. Christians practice baptism. Why? What is it? Why is it important? How should it be done? Why do Christians do it differently? What does the Bible say (and NOT say) about Baptism? What parameters does the Evangelical Free Denomination give her churches? Why? See online sessions below.

jesus, firm foundation

summer 2016

What do you believe and why do you believe it? Where do you stand? The key to living counterculturally in an upside-down world is to be able to answer those questions. How sure are you?

A seven-session series to build up the believer by broadening his/her view of and solidifying his/her confidence in God’s eternal plan and thereby making it more accessible, integrated, and applicable to his/her daily lives.

the holy spirit - spring 2016

Do you have questions about the Holy Spirit? Who? What? When? Where? How? These questions and more are addressed in the three sessions on The Holy Spirit.


The Holy spirit


the holy spirit


the holy spirit

a biblical view of sexuality - winter 2016

Who are we? What does it mean to be human? What role does sexuality have in establishing our identity? What is marriage? Why marriage? Is there a clear, historical, consistent view of sexuality? The media, politicians, academia, Hollywood, friends, and social media all have something to say. But who is right? Is there a ‘right’? What does God say? Where does the Bible land on this subject? These questions and more are tackled in A Biblical View of Sexuality.


a biblical view of sexuality


a biblical view of



a biblical view of sexuality

PRAY LIKE JESUS - fall 2015

Would you like to be closer to God? Would you like to connect with Him in a deeper way? What is His heart? Join us in a journey through Jesus’ Model Prayer in Matthew 6:9-14. During this time Pastor Jeremy will walk us through each line of Jesus’ Model Prayer and give us tangible ways to put it to use in our daily lives. Learning to pray in this way will develop in you a greater sense and appreciation for God’s heart and become a deep and meaningful experience as you come to discover God’s ultimate purpose in your life.



pray like jesus


pray like jesus