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A Redemptive story

The Book of Ruth

Do you need encouragement? I do. Whenever we read the headlines or turn on the news, it seems like everywhere we look there’s bad news. Not to mention the struggles we face day-to-day.

Such was the case in the days of Naomi. A bankrupt widow, Naomi was no stranger to trouble. Her country and their economy were in shambles. Famine had destroyed the land and left the people desperate. With no king to lead them, everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes. Times were tough.

Yet even in the most difficult of circumstances the light of God’s grace comes shining through. Mysterious and unpredictable, yet always just on time, God’s loving-kindness never fails. When all seems lost, God shows up.  Naomi’s story is a classic example of the desperate who find redemption through the most unlikely of sources, in this case, an outsider named Ruth.

Come journey with us this fall as we encounter this incredible story of hope – The book of Ruth. In it will we see God’s love and grace transform Naomi and Ruth and more than likely it will transform us as well.  I invite you to be a part of this Redemptive Story.  ~~ Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell

September 15, 2019

What to Do When Tragedy Strikes

Speaker:  Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture: Ruth 1:1-5

LINK TO Sept 15

September 8, 2019

What is true, no matter what?

Speaker:  Pastor Jeremy K. Lobdell

Scripture: Judges, Ruth 1:1