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Youth Ministry

Special Events

Throughout the year, Middle School Ministries offers special events that provide students an opportunity to hear the gospel and/or build relationships with other students and caring adults. Examples include Lock-in, retreats, CedarPoint, Youth Activities Week, Summer Canoe Trip, etc.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES WEEK: August 19-22, 2019

Contact: Jody Best, Office: 989.631.4411 x1001


For all students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades. This is a fun-filled week of activities and building friendships with other JAM students.


Invite your friends! For every guest you bring to Youth  Activities Week, you will receive a ticket. The more tickets you earn, the greater the chance you will have to win $25! So start inviting your friends today! Guests are middle school students new to JAM. You can bring them twice before they no longer count towards a FREE ticket.


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Youth Activities Week


Monday, August 19

5:00 pm - Meet at Midland Free
9:45 pm - Return to Midland Free

Cost:  $20/person

Three hours of unlimited activities including laser tag, go karts, bumper boats, putt-putt, unlimited rides on The Serpent rollercoaster, and a 1-hour, pizza and pop party! We will provide transportation to Kokomo’s via MPS bus.


Tuesday, August 20
Bike Ride & Ice Cream

6:00 pm - Meet at Emerson Park
8:45 pm - Pick up at Emerson Park

Cost:  $3 per person

Includes bike ride down the Midland Rail Trail and a stop for ice cream at Cottage Creamery.
Bring your bike! Family members are welcome at their own expense.


Wednesday, August 21
Bowling & Pizza

6:30 pm - Meet at Northern Lanes
8:45 pm - Pick up at Northern Lanes

Cost:  $8 per person

Includes 2 games, shoes, pizza & pop! Bring a friend and they bowl for free!


Thursday, August 22
Loons Baseball & Fireworks

6:30 pm - Meet at the Dow Diamond Main Entrance
9:30 pm - Pick up at Dow Diamond Stadium

Cost:  $7 per person

Bring spending money for hotdogs, pop, ice cream, chips, popcorn, or other treats from vendors.