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Jam for 6-8th graders

Special Events

Throughout the year, Middle School Ministries offers special events that provide students an opportunity to hear the gospel and/or build relationships with other students and caring adults. Examples include Lock-in, retreats, CedarPoint, Youth Activities Week, Summer Canoe Trip, etc.




Wednesday, October 23
6:15 PM


Invite a friend for a great night of games and contests!


All 6th - 8th graders invited!


JAM lake ann retreat

Friday, october 11 -
sunday, october 13



Leave Midland on Friday, Oct. 11 at 4:00 pm.

Return to Midland on Sun., Oct. 13 at 4:00 pm.


Register Here forLAKE ANN RETREAT



  Could you even begin to imagine what it would be like to live in a country where it is illegal to worship the God of the universe? Where each time you gathered for a worship service your very life could be threatened? Thankfully, we don’t live in a country like that but the question begs answering, if we did would the church of Christ rise like never before? Join us this fall for Exiled Romania. We will have camp fires, great food, laughter, paintball, laser tag, an amazing adventure storyline but most importantly incredible worship and passionate preaching from a "real life Romanian preacher! This will be a year you will not want to miss!

  Soon after arrival campers will realize they are not alone. A nomadic tribe has moved into the camp grounds. The campers are trained to share their faith, and trained on how to overcome unique cultural and personality barriers. Through that, they are challenged to reach the tribe for Christ during the weekend. By the end of the three-day retreat, campers will be comfortable with sharing their faith story with others and have the tools to go home and impact their ‘worlds’.

  Don’t forget to bring: warm clothes, clothes for playing paintball, rain gear, extra shoes, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, Bible, pen, notebook, spending money for the Red Canoe snack shop. Free time filled with lots of great games and activities, including paintball, and much more!


Questions? Contact Pastor Chuck at 631-4411 x 1033  or Jody Best at 631-4411 x 1001.




Pastor Chuck Lloyd,
Youth Pastor

989.631.4411 x1033


Jody Best
Youth Discipleship and
Activities Coordinator

989.631.4411 x 1001


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