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Jam for 6-8th graders

Special Events

Throughout the year, Middle School Ministries offers special events that provide students an opportunity to hear the gospel and/or build relationships with other students and caring adults. Examples include Lock-in, retreats, CedarPoint, Youth Activities Week, etc.


Pastor Chuck Lloyd,
Middle School Pastor

989.631.4411 x1033


Jody Best
Youth Discipleship and
Activities Coordinator

989.631.4411 x 1001

Jam pacesetters for 8th graders

Wednesday  nights

what's it all about?

Good question! 8th grade is a year of students become more mature, they begin preparing themselves to enter into the world of high school. We would like to come alongside students and assist them on their journey.

We have designed  a 10-week series during JAM lesson time (on Wednesday nights) just for 8th grade students. These lessons are interactive and taught by passionate youth leaders.

Students are invited to attend a “class trip” to Chicago in May as a celebration of completion (see Registration Link below).

It is our intent to build relationships with these students during lesson time and on the trip so that they might form lasting friendships prior to entering high school. We believe these friendships will enable students to encourage one another and hold each other accountable. We’re excited to offer this program to your child.

Attendance will be taken each week. Students MUST attend a minimum of 5 meetings to qualify for the Chicago trip (see below).The meeting time will run from  7:00—8:00 pm in Room 203. Note: Mark your calendars. Classes do NOT run each week. Students are encouraged to attend special event nights at JAM during off weeks.



Trip applications online, see link below.



  • Week 6: April 3 - Respecting Authority
  • Week 7: April 10 - Homosexuality
  • Week 8: April 17 - Drugs & Alcohol
  • Week 9: April 24 - How to Stay Christian in High School
  • Week 10: May 8 - Putting it All Together



  • Mike Carpenter, Parent & Judge
  • Darrell Jacobs, Parent & Youth Leader
  • Sam Price, Parent & 1016 Director
  • Pastor Chuck Lloyd, Parent & Youth Pastor
  • Nicole Lloyd, Parent & Youth Leader
  • Jeff Andridge, Parent & Youth Pastor


Chicago Trip - May 17-19, 2019

Cost:  $150/student

All 8th grade students who attend 5 or more PaceSetter lessons are invited to attend this celebration weekend in Chicago. We are offering an incentive for students who attend more than 5 of the 10 meetings. See below.

Attend ...

5 - Qualify for trip

6 - Earn $5 spending money

7 -  Earn $10 spending money

8 -  Earn $15 spending money

9 -  Earn $20 spending money

10 - Earn $25 spending money

*Only students attending the trip are eligible to earn trip money




Chicago Trip Schedule

Friday, May 17

  • Leave around 5:00 pm (have already eaten dinner)
  • Arrive in Chicago 11:00 pm
  • Stay in hotel


Saturday, May 18

  • Sightsee at Willis Tower & Other Local Attractions
  • See Blue Man Group
  • Eat at a fun restaurant for dinner
  • Hang out at hotel pool


Sunday, May 19

  • Attend Church Service in Chicago
  • Drive back to Midland, arriving early evening