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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Children's area?

Our Children’s area is located at the North Entrance of the building. When you enter, you will see our Guest Check-in to the right. >>back to the top


How do I pick up my child?

Once you are registered and your child is checked in, you will receive adhesive name tags. Depending upon the age of your child, your child will receive one nametag, you will receive one for the teacher and you will keep one (Infant-Young 5’s receive three nametags and K-5th grades receive two nametags). This sticker name tag has a unique number. You will show this sticker upon entering the children’s area to pick up your child. If there is a need to reach you during service, the unique number will appear on our big screen in the Worship Center. This advises you to please come to the Children’s area. >>back to the top


What if I lose my child’s nametag?

You will be asked to step to our check-in window and we will ask for your driver’s license or state id. Once we can verify your name and that you are connected to the child, we will give you another nametag. Please understand this safety procedure is for the safety of all children. >>back to the top


Who teaches the classes in the Children’s area?

All of our volunteers are required to go through a thorough background screening process to ensure the safety of your children. >>back to the top


Who can come into the Children’s area?

Any person with current nametags for the children can enter the Children’s area.  The Children’s area is closed during the service time, but the Safety4Kids Supervisors are always in the main entrance. >>back to the top


What if my child has a medical condition or allergy?

At check-in we will ask if your child has an allergy or medical condition. The allergy will be listed on the nametag so that our teachers will be aware. It will be noted on the nametag if your child can have animal crackers or pretzels. We serve these snacks during each service. If your child cannot have one of these snacks, we ask that you provide a snack for them.

If your child has a Life Threatening Allergy or Medical Condition, such as a nut allergy (that require an EPI pen) or asthma (that requires an inhaler), we ask that you fill out a LTAMC form during check-in. This one-page form will be kept in our main Safety4Kids area and also in the class room for the teacher. If you would like, please print and bring with you to save time at check-in. >>back to the top





Wonderfully Enabled Ministry

If you are a parent of a child with diverse abilities, we count it a privilege and blessing to work closely with you to ensure that your child grows in their faith as a member of the Body of Christ in a way that works best for them. Please complete the online intake form to help us best minister to your child. Contact children@mefchurch.org to discuss your child’s specific needs.

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For Nursing Moms

For your convenience please note that a mother's room is available to you at the rear of the Worship Center on the south side. You can continue to hear the message while attending to your infant. A second room is available to you in the Children's area as well. >>back to the top


For Families

A family room is available for you at the rear of the Worship Center on the north side for families to watch and listen to the message as needed. >>back to the top


Wellness Policy

In order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all children, the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics are followed at Midland Free.

Parents, please do not bring children to the classroom or nursery if he or she displays any of the following symptoms:

  • A fever more than 100 degrees within 24 hours of  church service
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • Persistent or heavy cough, colored nasal discharge, sore throat
  • Contagious rash of any type
  • Any communicable diseases

Note: No member of the Children's staff or volunteers are permitted to administer any medication to a child. >>back to the top




life threatening allergy &

medical condition form

wonderfully enabled

intake form