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For students in 6-12th grades, our youth ministry is dedicated to creating an authentic environment for you to connect with God in a real and powerful way. From the music to the crazy games to special events, to the mission trips, everything we do is about creating disciple makers of Jesus who create disciples of Jesus.


J.A.M. (6-8th Grades)

J.A.M. stands for Jesus and Me. Come on Wednesday nights and take a breath from the craziness of life and meet people who really care about you. Middle school youth group meets on Wednesday nights during the school year. You will be encouraged and energized through Biblical teaching, worship, crazy games and connection to other students. Students not attending Midland Free are encouraged and welcome to come. All the details for JAM are on our web page.


X-treeme (9-12th grades)

X-treeme stands for Christ died on a Tree for Me from 1 Peter 2:24. Join other students who are growing in their faith. Experience worship through music, learn from relevant biblical teaching and authentic friendships. High school youth group meets on Sunday nights during the school year.

Don’t miss the first Sunday of every month – a high energy and fun event. This is a great night for your friends to come and see understand more about this Jesus you keep talking about. Events include Laser-Tag Night, a live Turkey Hunt (Road Rally), Christmas Party, Nuc’em Bash, Broomball night, Prom Party and much more.

Come once, come each week! We love to point teenagers to Jesus! All the details for each week are on our web page, or by joining our weekly email.


Sunday School for 6-12th graders—9:00 am

Do You want to grow? Do you want to know God’s Word? Do you want to become a disciple maker of Jesus? Then we have an amazing resource for you! We offer fantastic classes on Sunday morning (at 9:00 am throughout the school year) for students in 6-12th grades. Middle school and high school classes are broken out by grade. The goal of our Sunday School program is equip teens to know God’s Word and how to apply it to grow into spiritually mature disciples of Christ.

  • 6th Grade Old Testament Survey
  • 7th Grade Devotional Life: How to Study the Bible
  • 8th Grade Genesis (Creation/Evolution)
  • 9th Grade Foundations – Covering the big picture of the value of developing a biblical worldview, dealing with the truth of the Bible and character of God, the deity, humanity and work of Christ, and the uniqueness of the Holy Spirit along with spiritual gifts.
  • 10th Graders Structures – Covering the doctrine of sin, the major elements of a Christ-follower’s character and the underpinnings of salvation, followed by the doctrine of the church/ body of Christ.
  • 11-12th Graders Structures 2 – Designed to help Juniors and Seniors know God and His Word while applying it to everyday life now and into the future including: Laws of the Spirit World, Discerning God’s Will, Stewardship, Building Christ’s Church, Scripture study skills, and moral issues Christians face.


Mission Trips

Jesus called us to reach out to people from every nation – and we take this charge seriously. We encourage students in 6-12th grade to grow in their faith with Jesus Christ through hands-on experiences, sharing their faith, and building relationships with their peers and the people they are serving. Watch for the December mission trip reveal.


Discipleship Groups

Hey students in 7-12th grades! Are you looking for authentic relationships with your peers? Discipleship Groups (DG’s), small groups, may be what you have been seeking. Groups of up to 10 male or female students of the same grade meet weekly during the school year. Two adults who want to invest in your life lead the group. We want you to stay in the same group as you grow together in Christ from 7th grade through graduation. Students can join a DG any time, but most DG’s begin in the fall. See link to application below. Contact Jody Best at 989.631.4411, x1001 or jodybest@mefchurch.org.




Pastor Chuck Lloyd,
Middle School Pastor


989.631.4411 x1033


Pastor Jeff Andridge,
High School Pastor


989.631.4411 x1031


Jody Best
Youth Discipleship and
Activities Coordinator

989.631.4411 x 1001