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Pastor Jeff Andridge,
High School Pastor

989.631.4411 x1031


Jody Best
Youth Discipleship and
Activities Coordinator

989.631.4411 x 1001



ABOUT X-treeme (9-12th grades)

X-treeme is the high school youth ministry at Midland Evangelical Free Church.
Our Name is... "X" = Christ    "Tree" = The Cross      "Me" = me

You really won't find a more passionate love and greater reason for living in all of the universe! So, bottom line, We are about JESUS... but who are "we"?

X-treeme is group of high school students, with some very cool adult staff, in Midland, Michigan living out Jesus Christ's love and truth imperfectly, but passionately!

Our goal is to Make, Mature, and Multiply Disciple Makers of Jesus.



The "FIRST" SUNDAY of the month features a high energy, fun outreach event. These are typically held  somewhere in Midland.

On the other Sundays X-treeme Sunday Special is featured at our church building at 6-8 pm. Following XSS we all trek to someplace in Midland for food (i.e., Taco Bell, Wendy's, Culver's and McDonald's). At times we have pizza at the church for free and to hang out and connect.

All high school students are welcome. Come and check us out!


Sunday School—9:00 am

Do You want to grow? Do you want to know God’s Word? Do you want to become a disciple maker of Jesus? Then we have an amazing resource for you! We offer fantastic classes on Sunday morning (at 9:00 am throughout the school year) for students in 9-12th grades. Middle school and high school classes are broken out by grade. The goal of our Sunday School program is equip teens to know God’s Word and how to apply it to grow into spiritually mature disciples of Christ.

  • 9th Grade Foundations – Covering the big picture of the value of developing a biblical worldview, dealing with the truth of the Bible and character of God, the deity, humanity and work of Christ, and the uniqueness of the Holy Spirit along with spiritual gifts.
  • 10th Graders Structures – Covering the doctrine of sin, the major elements of a Christ-follower’s character and the underpinnings of salvation, followed by the doctrine of the church/ body of Christ.
  • 11-12th Graders Structures 2 – Designed to help Juniors and Seniors know God and His Word while applying it to everyday life now and into the future including: Laws of the Spirit World, Discerning God’s Will, Stewardship, Building Christ’s Church, Scripture study skills, and moral issues Christians face.


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups (DG’s) are for students in 7–12th grade. These small groups have up to 10 male or female students of the same grade that meet weekly during the school year. Two adults lead the group in Bible study, prayer, service projects, book studies, and more. The intention of a DG is for students to stay in the same group, allowing them to grow together, from 7th grade through graduation. Students can join a DG any time, but most DG’s begin in the fall. Contact Jody Best at 989.631.4411, x1001 or