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x-treeme Sunday Special

X-treeme (9-12th grades)

X-treeme stands for Christ died on a Tree for Me. This comes from 1 Peter 2:24. Jesus is what X-treeme is about! X-treeme meets throughout the school year on Sunday nights. The “FIRST” Sunday of the month is a high energy, fun event designed for you and your friends to come and see who Jesus is. “FIRST” Sunday events include Laser-Tag Night, a live Turkey Hunt (Road Rally), Christmas Party, Nuc’em Bash, Broomball night, Prom Party and much more. The other Sunday nights are for students to come and worship Jesus through singing, prayer and teaching called X-treeme Sunday Specials. Following our time at church we go to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal together. Come once, come each week! We love to point teenagers to Jesus! All the details for each week are right here.


Sunday, April 23 - XSS
No XSS - Rummage Sale

Rummage Sale Move-in - All teams at 12:15 pm. Impact Team Meetings at 4:30 pm.


Sunday, April 30 - XSS
6:00-8:00 pm at Midland Free

After going to Taco Bell. Bring money and pick-up at 9:00 pm.












Pastor Jeff Andridge,
High School Pastor

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Jody Best
Youth Discipleship and
Activities Coordinator

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